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In the News:Warren mentioned The war between china and Nokia. You can learn more by visiting this CNET article.While reading this page, Warren demonstrated how to adda shortcut to any web page on your home screen.Nimer spoke about AT&T announcing...

In the News:

  • Warren mentioned The war between china and Nokia. You can learn more by visiting this CNET article.
    • While reading this page, Warren demonstrated how to adda shortcut to any web page on your home screen.
  • Nimer spoke about AT&T announcing they now have a national 5G network. You can learn more on the AT&T site.
  • Marco discussed the OnePlus nord release. You can find out more on the OnePlus site.
  • Marco brought up the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event. You can find out more about the rumors of what will be announced from this article.
  • We also discussed the non-availability of midrange phones in the US.
    • The final item in the news is announcement that RightHear 3.0 will be announced and demonstrated at an event taking place on Wednesday, July 28 at 1:00 PM Eastern time. If you would like to sign up to attend the event, use this link.

Phone Optimization

We discussed the following:
  • The lack of value of closing apps from the recent app screen.
  • Rebooting phones and how often one should reboot.
  • Modern batteries in smartphones, and how they don't require recalibration, as well as how to get the most life out of them.
  • Security apps, and whether you should use one, and which one. Recommended was the Sophos Intercept X.
  •  Google Advanced protection program. To learn more, visit this Google Support link.
  • Password managers.
    • The password manager Marco uses and recommends is LastPass.
    • Also, myki was briefly discussed.
  • The value of cleaning of cache and program data. Apps we recommend for this include:
    • device care on the Samsung device
    • similar apps from LG and other manufacturers
    • and the Google Files app.
  • We also like these two apps for phone optimization and accessing hidden Android settings: Android Hidden Settings, and 3c All In One Toolbox.

Finally, we addressed two listener emails about weather apps, and Android manufacturer update policies.

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