Android vs iPhone: The Heat Is On

Hello everyone and thank you for joining us for this week's ANATAD Podcast.Firstly, a very happy independence day to our listeners located in India and we trust that you celebrated accordingly. In the News   Google wants to hear from users who are...

Hello everyone and thank you for joining us for this week's ANATAD Podcast.

Firstly, a very happy independence day to our listeners located in India and we trust that you celebrated accordingly.
In the News
  • Google wants to hear from users who are running the final beta of Android 11 before the public release next month with respect to what works, what needs to be changed, etc. You can learn more in this article.
  • Google Meet is rumoured to take over the running of Google Duo. Duo could be done by the end of the year. You can learn more in this XDA article.
  • The Microsoft Surface Duo has two screens and runs Android, for $1399. Is it worth it? Find out what we think by listening to the show, and learn more about the device at this XDA Developers article.
  • Apple wants us to bundle its subscriptions. Is this subscription overload? This article seems to think so.
  • G board has some interesting accessibility enhancements in the new beta, including the ability to swipe between each letter.
  • Signal adds message requests to allow users to learn more about who's contacting them, and now allows video calls. You can learn more at this XDA Developers article.
  • Google rolls out Meet, Chat, and Rooms tabs in Gmail for G Suite. Learn more by visiting this XDA Developers article.

App Review
Frinky is a great app for controlling music playback with volume buttons. We discuss why you may want to use it.

iPhone Vs. Android Comparison

  • We compared system settings on iOS vs. Android.
  • We also compared the notifications center in both iOS and Android.
  • We discussed the similarities between streaming apps on iOS and Android.
  • Finally, we demonstrated the differences in the Youtube app on both iOS and Android.

Listener emails
  • Michael Ryan sent us an email notifying us that Lookout is now available in Canada.
    • He wanted to know about how to trigger a continuous read using Google Assistant.
    • He also wanted to know the name of the introduction theme song.
    • Listen to the podcast to find out the answers to these questions.
  • David Mehler Wanted to know how to configure Lastpass to work from the cloud.
    • We mentioned that we now recommend and have started using Bitwarden for password management.
    • We also stated that Lastpass can be configured to run in the cloud while setting up the Lastpass account, where users can choose where to have passwords stored.
  • Phia from Sonokids emailed and requested a partnership with Anatad Podcast and Sonokids, as they are working to make their gam
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