Android vs iPhone: The Battle Of The Chat Apps

Welcome to the ANATAD Podcast. In the NewsAccording to Applevis, Apple Warns VoiceOver Users Not to Install watchOS 7 Beta 4 or the first Public Preview (Update: issue resolved in beta 5) We talk about the Top Ten Cheap Android SmartphonesAs well as...

Welcome to the ANATAD Podcast.
In the News

The Battle of the Chat Apps

  • We compared notifications on Android and iOS, and presented our opinions on why we prefer Android’s notification style.
  • We discussed some of the typing options on iOS and Android, and demonstrated the swipe keyboard on iOS.
  • We compared Telegram on iOS with its counterpart on Android, and believe that Telegram is better on Android.
  • Finally, we compared What’sApp on iOS with its counterpart on Android, and believe it is better on iOS.

Listener emails

  • Making a browser as default on Android
  • and whether we would like an unboxing of a Sony device

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