A Window Into Windows

On this episode of the pod, Nimer demonstrated how one can go about setting up Windows 10 from scratch by using Windows Narrator, Marco demonstrated using Unigram with Jaws For Windows on a Windows PC and Kirt ran us through Windows task manager.
Welcome to episode 73 of the Blind Tech Guys. We appreciate you taking time out of your day to listen and we trust you will enjoy the latest episode of the pod. Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy Chinese New Year.

Main Topic

  • Nimer recorded a demo of setting up Windows on a new computer.
  • The team discusses changes they make to Windows after set-up, to make a computer better to use, and Nimer demonstrates some of those setting changes.
  • As a follow-up from last week, Marco demonstrates Unigram.
Did you know??
The task manager is a powerful tool for maintaining your computer.
  • Kirt demonstrates the Windows task manager.
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