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BTG And Live Accessible Talk Past, Present, And Future Technology And Innovation

On this episode of the pod, the team sits down with Carrie from LiveAccessible to discuss technology and innovation from the past, present, and future, both from low vision and blindness perspectives, and Nimer demonstrates YouTube Music.

Walking With NVDA

On this episode of the pod, the team sits down with Michael Curran and Quentin Christensen from NVAccess to learn more about them, and discuss the screen reader landscape, and Nimer demonstrates Google Calendar.

Let's Get Social

On this week's episode of the pod, Nimer continues our series on web apps by demonstrating how accessible Facebook and Twitter are on Android, iOS and Windows and in our Did You Know section, we continue our series on phone settings by exploring the bluetooth settings on both Android and iOS.

Chat Is Good

On this episode of the pod, Nimer shows us how accessible Google Sheets actually is, we demo Google Chat on both Android and on the web, and we continue our series on Android and iPhone settings by concentrating on WiFi settings.

Lean Crew Talks Docs

On this week's episode, Nimer continues our current series on web apps accessibility by running through Google Docs, and in our Did You Know Section, we continue exploring settings on both Android and iPhone.

Hable Hits Your Table

On episode 79 of the pod, we chat with the team from Hable about their brand new keyboard now out in Europe, and we commence our latest series, this time concentrating on web apps and accessibility, with Nimer kicking things off with Gmail.

Art And Tech Intersect

On this week's pod, Clare McLaughlin, an artist from Ireland, joined us to discuss her project, Seen – Unseen and we interviewed Brendan Lewis from RealThing AI to talk about their new offering RealSAM.

Dolphin, The Right Of Reply

On this episode, Neill from Dolphin Access responds to our critique of their screenreader, Thomas reviews how accessible Netflix is on both Android and iPhone and Kirt demonstrates voiceover command settings, a powerful feature for iPhone customization.

TalkBack 9.1 Tips And Tricks

On this week's episode of the pod, Nimer delves further into Talkback 9.1, providing many helpful tips and tricks, Nimer also demonstrates Network Manager Pro and Kirt shows off a great new voice feature using Talkback 9.1.

A Deep Dive Into Dolphin ScreenReader

On this episode of the pod, Nimer demonstrated Dolphin ScreenReader, Marco ran through how to use Samsung Health and Kirt showed off hotspot, plus we welcome a special guest.

TalkBack 9.1 Is Here

On this mid-week bonus episode of the pod, we sat down and talked about the soon to be released TalkBack 9.1 and Nimer runs us through what's new in this latest update.

Screen Readers Delight

On this episode of the pod, we sat down and compared NVDA, Jaws For Windows and Windows Narrator and demonstrated their strengths and their weaknesses and debated what we liked and disliked about each one.

Android 12 Preview Developer Build 1

On this mid-week bonus episode of Blind Tech Guys, Nimer and Marco sat down and ran through all the new features in Android 12 Preview Developer Build 1.

A Window Into Windows

On this episode of the pod, Nimer demonstrated how one can go about setting up Windows 10 from scratch by using Windows Narrator, Marco demonstrated using Unigram with Jaws For Windows on a Windows PC and Kirt ran us through Windows task manager.

Securing Your Digital Life And Accessible Fitness Apps

On this week's episode, Marco discussed accessible fitness apps, Kirt reviewed Surfshark VPN and we chatted about how best to secure your digital life in order to protect yourself as best as you can from the internet nasties.

Phones, Phones, And More Phones

On this week's episode, we discussed the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max and our thoughts on both of these premium devices and we also talked about Seeing AI and Super LiDAR with Nimer demonstrating both apps.

Supersense and Samsung Buds Pro meet in the Galaxy of BTG Podcasts

Shane Lowe popped on to talk about Super Lidar and everything that has been going on at Supersense, Nimer demonstrated SuperSense for Android, and Kirt reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro bluetooth in-ear buds.

CES 2021, BBC Apps And How To Utilise Gestures

On episode 69 of the Blind Tech Guys, we went through all that happened at CES 2021, Marco demonstrated two BBC apps and Nimer showed us how to go about setting up and utilising gestures on Android and iOS.

Galaxy S21, S21+, And S21 Ultra - What Happened And Our Thoughts

On this weeks mid-week bonus episode, the team went through all the announcements at today's Galaxy Unpacked event plus we demoed the latest offering from Aftershokz, the Open-Comm.

Website Accessibility, WillyWeather And Labelling Buttons

On this week's episode, we talked about websites and accessibility, Marco demonstrated WillyWeather and Kirt talked about making various apps more accessible with an Android app called Blindo.

Reading and Writing Braille, GoodMaps, Podfriend And Widgets

On this mid-week bonus episode, Nimer and Marco discuss reading and writing with braille on Android and iOS, we respond to Goodmaps feedback, Marco demonstrates Podfriend and Nimer discusses widgets.

How To Sort Out Your Android OS 11 Talkback Issues On A Samsung Phone

On this episode, Kirt takes us through how to go about removing Samsung's version of Talkback on a Samsung phone running OS 11 and installing Google's version of Talkback by using ADB.

Introducing Our New Sidekick And Enter To Win $100 On Us

On episode 66 of the Blind Tech Guys, we welcome Kirt Manwaring to the team and we have $100 to give away by the 30th of this month, so enter fast.

GoodMaps Explorer For Android, Demo And Impressions

Nimer takes some time prior to Christmas to sit down and demonstrate GoodMaps and provides his thoughts on the app which just dropped on the Android platform.

Have Yourself, A Merry Techy Christmas

Welcome to episode 65 of the Blind Tech Guys. As always, thanks for joining us, and a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to our listeners!

Samsung Android 11, Update And Be Ready To Be Thoroughly Disappointed

Hello everyone and welcome to another mid-week episode of the Blind Tech Guys. Thanks as always for tuning in and we appreciate you taking some time out of your day to join us.

Praanav, the Blind Photographer, Chromebooks, And Setting Up 1Password In Windows 10

Welcome to the 64th episode of Blind Tech Guys, and a happy Hanukkah to anyone who celebrates it. As always, thanks for joining us on this bumper episode. What’s New, In the NewsGoogle Made It Possible To Search Assistant Settings On AndroidEmbracing...

Apple Event December 2020 - Recap From An A11Y Perspective

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s mid-week episode of the Blind Tech Guys.  On today's episode, Nimer and Marco sat down to discuss the happenings at Apple on the 8th of December 2020.Apple announces AirPods Max, $549, available to order Read...

Envision AI - Let's Talk Glasses And Two Massive Blind Tech Guys Giveaways

Welcome to the 63rd episode of Blind Tech Guys. As always, thanks for joining us and we most certainly appreciate your support each and every week. What’s New, In the Newsan XDA developer launched web adb that will let you do things with your phone on...

AntennaPod, Accessible, Feature Packed And Open Source

Welcome to another midweek bonus episode of the Blind Tech Guys. We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to check out this episode of the show.Nimer and Marco interviewed Koen, a volunteer on the open-source AntennaPod podcast client for...

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